Letter Templates

Use these letters to help influence your school board, administration and local elected officials.

This letter is intended for school boards to notify them their policy is breaking both federal and state laws.

Right of refusal (School Board Letter)

This letter was developed from the America’s Frontline Doctor’s legal letter intended for children in schools. It was modified to include the PA statute on child abuse. It can be directed toward the school administration or principal.

Mask-Public-Letter-children-in-schools(PA) (PDF)

Mask-Public-Letter-children-in-schools(PA) (ODT)

Right To Refuse
Experimental Gene Therapy  –  COVID19 Vaccine
Experimental Medical Devices – Facial Masks/Coverings


From Constitutional Law Group

Letter designed to send to school districts, can be notarized.


From Constitutional Law Group


This letter was written by a Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH)


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West Shore School Board presentation draft 2

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