EP Exception Process

Exemption Forms

Several parents pushed the school administration this weekend on the actual wording of the order which helped remove the second page where it required a note from the child’s healthcare provider. While this was a win towards giving parents sign off on whether or not to send them to school in masks, it still opened the door for the school to ask for things like access to communicate with the child’s healthcare provider and to use the form as a basis to start the 504 process to make accommodations for your child.
We are recommending all parents, who are against sending their child into school with a mask, to fill out the form below.
The following edits have been made:
1) Crossed out any reference to “exemption” and wrote “exception”. We as parents are not requesting a “medical exemption” that would fall under 504 accommodations. 
(This brings the form in line with the wording of the order from the Secretary of Health. You can read this blog post from attorney Eric Winter who helps explain the difference between “exemption” and “exception”
2) Crossed out #2 and said “NO” to grants the school permission to communicate with your child’s health provide.
  • I have assurances from the school they have no interest in reaching out to anyone’s health provider, but this helps to ensure they cannot.
  • My understanding is the school intends to create an informal health plan so they can document the “exception”.  They are doing this to protect themselves under the order.

Contact Tracing

This has been a very sore point for a lot of EP parents I have spoken with. I think we need to continue to make sure the school is aware when a child is contact traced and forced to stay home we communicate to the school and the school board they have not shown any symptoms. Unless the Department of Health has provided an individual with a quarantine order, I don’t think the school has the right to keep them home. This is something we need to continue to fight back against otherwise this process will be very disruptive to the education process. Please continue to pressure the school board and administration to provide the community with data to show how many times somebody who was contact traced actually came back positive.

Upcoming Events

PPPC is working with 11 statewide freedom groups and have planned a series of events on Friday September 17:
These events fall on Constitution Day – Friday September 17, 2021 which serves as a way to educate students about unalienable rights as Americans.
Join us starting at 9am at schools across the state as students across Pennsylvania walk out of their classrooms to protest excessive mask orders. Parents, grandparents, and neighbors are invited to meet students at the schools to join in the protest. This is a statewide event and will occur at the schools as students are dismissed.
Join us at 1pm at the Capitol in Harrisburg as we rally against unconstitutional mandates. We object to any forced masking of our children. We believe in our own health and freedom of choice. Because this is an educational event, excused absences, can be submitted to schools in order for students to participate in the events.

Nearby Districts

Please continue to share our school district petition and help grow our numbers:
If you have like minded friends and family in neighboring school districts, please share this information with them. We have many other petitions representing nearby school districts in Cumberland, Dauphin, York, and Perry Counties.