Attention: This is NOT a petition for a school district. Do not submit this form if you have not contacted PPPC first.

This form is only to apply to lead a petition.

If you are looking to sign a petition for your school district, please visit this page

Thank you for your interest in hosting your petition with Please complete this form as the user who will be responsible for the data being collected through the petition. Upon request, a CSV file can be exported and sent to you so it can be presented to your local school board. If you have any questions, please contact Thank you.

The full name of the petition manager.
Please use the full name of the school district as written on their official website.
The county your district is located
This is the email address that we will use to communicate to you and where we will send the electronic signatures upon request.
You will receive a copy of this agreement.


The easiest way is if you have a facebook group of parents in your district. That is how many districts get a lot of signatures very quickly – they likely have a lot of like minded parents.

You can advertise on Nextdoor or other social media sites. Check out our Tools section for fliers, posters and handouts to print.

That will probably vary by district depending on how many people, students and staff reside in it. For example, the Cumberland Valley petition was delivered with ~325 signatures with a district of 10,000. That would be about 3.2%. Whatever number you think will make the most impact. Petitions will not be turned off if they are delivered one meeting so you can try again with a higher number.

No. You only need to live in the school district for the petition you are signing.

Yes. Every person in a household over the age of 18 may sign the petition.

It is recommended that you only offer the petition to people within your district. These people are the board members’ constituents so your petition will have more impact if it only has signatures from people who live inside your district.  We cannot limit who signs it but we do have affirmations that this is signed by someone who lives in the district.

No. You can only sign the petition for the school district you live in.

To show the school board only residents have signed their school’s petition.

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