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Pennsylvania Parents Protecting Children believes that parents and legal guardians have the right to safeguard their children’s health. We believe the masking of school age children poses a significant risk to their health, psychological development, and learning.

Our Mission

Our group is comprised of community members with support from professionals in fields like medicine, law, psychology, and education. Our vision: to provide parents with resources to help them advocate for their children’s health and well being. Whether it is fighting mask mandates, opposing unproven vaccinations, or addressing other issues, our aim is to equip parents to protect their children.


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – September 2, 2021

HARRISBURG, PA – The “Pennsylvania Freedom Alliance” issues a unified statement in response to the recent order by the Pennsylvania Department of Health:

The masking order for children in K-12 schools announced by the acting Secretary Of Health on August 31, 2021 was an act of desperation against the voters and parents of Pennsylvania. The overwhelming majority of school districts throughout the Commonwealth had sided with child safety and the science that masking children in schools does very little to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Pennsylvanians were told on multiple occasions throughout the past month that the state was not going to institute a new masking order. Governor Wolf and Acting Secretary Bream are not people of their word. The Wolf administration and the PSEA are tools of a radical movement. They are intent on enslaving our children in masks until a vaccine, for which long term side effects are unknown, is pushed on our kids. Rather than protecting the vulnerable, living with the virus, and using all available therapeutics, they attempt to cover our children’s faces. This exposes our youngest to respiratory illnesses and reduces their immune system at a time when it needs to grow.

In May, the voters ended the Governor’s Emergency Declaration freeing us to return to a mostly normal summer. There is no statewide health emergency declaration, and any blanket, statewide order by the secretary is both unlawful and appalling. School districts and parents have worked collaboratively to create their own health and safety strategies for mitigation and any attempt to subvert local control is overreaching.

As multiple groups throughout Pennsylvania representing over 50,000 parents, grandparents and patriots, we collectively stand as one and reject any attempt to mask our children for ANY reason. We will not be subjected to another indefinite mandate and we will not comply with any unlawful order that has no statutory authority. We will fight any attempt to mask our children through every available avenue – including legally, legislatively and outright defiance.

The Pennsylvania Freedom Alliance:

Pennsylvania Parents Protecting Children

Health Freedom Pennsylvania

PA Parents Fight Back Coalition

Liberate PA

Pennsylvania Assemble For Freedom

Moms For Liberty (Local Chapters)

Pennsylvania Opening Businesses/Defying the Governor/PALockdown

PA For Medical Freedom and Informed Consent


ReOpen PA

Pittsburgh Area No Masks Required

ReOpen Bucks County PA


PDF Download:

Pennsylvania Freedom Alliance – Unified Statement – Sep 2 2021

Please visit our recently published guide to request a mask exemption with your school 

We now have over 30,000 signatures on our hosted petitions! We host petitions for 140+ in Pennsylvania. (as of 9/2/21) Each petition is managed by a local leader who presents these signatures to the school boards. If you’re interested in leading a petition for your district, please Contact Us so we can help!

We have helped these school districts with their petitions which resulted in their school boards voting to end mask requirements: 

  • Cumberland Valley School District (reversed decision on 8/31)
  • Central Bucks School District
  • Central York School District
  • Cocalico School District
  • East Pennsboro Area School District
  • Penn Manor

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