Helping Parents Advocate For Their Children.

Pennsylvania Parents Protecting Children believes that parents and legal guardians have the right to safeguard their children’s health. We believe the masking of school age children poses a significant risk to their health, psychological development, and learning.


The Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania will be hearing the case against the Department of Education and six school districts to determine if they have the authority to impose mask mandates on children in schools. A win would set a precedent for all children in Pennsylvania, not just those within these six districts. This is why we need to see this through.
The hearing will be held Tuesday, October 11 starting at 1pm in Pittsburgh. There are other cases being heard at that time so this could be heard first or it could be heard last. The livestream link is for those of you who would like to watch from home.
Because this case is being argued in court, there will be more attorney fees coming. We would love to raise another $10,000 next week to help close this out. This will likely be the final court case when it comes to masking our children. Please help us bring those involved across the finish line. You can contribute any amount through this link –

Our Mission

Our group is comprised of community members with support from professionals in fields like medicine, law, psychology, and education. Our vision: to provide parents with resources to help them advocate for their children’s health and well being. Whether it is fighting mask mandates, opposing unproven vaccinations, or addressing other issues, our aim is to equip parents to protect their children.

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